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Q. How would you describe your childhood?

A. Oh, wonderful, just wonderful. We had a large lot with lots of garden beds and an orchard which is just the best thing when a young kid. Spending many days barefoot and grabbing a juicy peach right from the tree when hungry… it was wonderful!

Q. What is your greatest fear?

A. Losing someone I love. As a child I would often cry myself to sleep worrying that I’d lose my Mom or Dad. My mother’s father was murdered when she was a little girl and even at a young age, I was extremely aware of this possibility for myself.


My artist thoughts…

How do I stand out as an artist today? There is art everywhere, mass produced for a penny a picture, lowering art value and appreciation, it almost seems an impossible feet, but I am determined to be the rose upon roses that stands out, somehow I will squeeze my way through the crowded streets above the mass chaos of chatter. I will be heard, I must be heard… as if my life depended upon it is how much passion I have locked up, waiting minute by minute as if hours to be finally released and free to be in the world around you.  

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