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Welcome to the Lady Girvi Blog

This is the first post on the new blog for Lady Girvi. What is different about this blog is that it written by her husband, that’s me! In order to give you a different look at the art, I’ve agreed to write this blog from an observational perspective. I will be the primary writer on this blog and I hope that you will join me.

In 2007 I met my Jessica at a friend’s house. I knew that Jessica had a passion for her art and I was amazed as the paintings she had done. When we were dating I bought her an easel and other art supplies because I wanted to encourage her to do her art as much as possible.

We eventually got married and started our family. Within a few years Jessica was diagnosed with chronic migraines and eventually Lyme Disease. These two illnesses struck Jessica in a very disabling way and she had to spend a lot of time in bed and at the hospital.

In late 2016 Jessica began to start doing more art on a regular basis. She would color, she would draw, and she began to paint again. It was around this time that her health started to improve. Throughout her recovery her art played a big part.

In 2017 our family relocated to Ames, IA and we started doing renovation work on our home. Once things had settled Jessica setup shop in what had been a basement workshop and created her new studio. It has been wonderful to watch the studio take shape and to see the work that she creates.

In early 2018 Jessica began to explore ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. She had wanted an opportunity to showcase her new art. In May she submitted her painting “New Birth”, an art work that I feel represents a lot about what Jessica has been through over the last few years. The painting is bright and vibrant, and features raised textures created with egg shells. I love this painting and when I see it I think about all that Jessica has been through in her illness and I am thankful for where God has her today.

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